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Life Creation journeys

Life Creation

Gain clarity of mind and heart to get in touch with your core truth, power and love…
moving in for permanent residence in that inner space from where everything is possible.

“I discovered an anchor in relation to what I want to do and being sure about my purpose and my way. I feel like I have an armour on me now. Thank you for this experience. It has been wonderful to reconnect with my essence!” -Pedro


I like to go to the core of things. Behind every painful situation, emotion and conflict there is a path to the great discovery of our deep longings, and our deep longings lead us directly to our essence that holds the power to heal and create. It is hard to see this when we are in the middle of a painful experience, and yet the path is always there. In the Life Creation sessions we first examine a situation that causes you pain or needs improvement, then close our eyes and connect with our presence in the physical body where our essence can be accessed simply as the felt sense of ourselves (I will be thrilled to guide you to the experience!) and then I accompany you on an inner journey through your pain to unlocking your deep longings and to accessing the power and beauty of your core essence energy. You will learn to access your own healing power that transcends any problem you may be facing as it is directly connected to the source of life itself.

What can this give you?

Clients report experiencing coming back to themselves and their life force energy; transforming pain and blocks into newly found solidness; finding out what matters and what they really are about; finding focus on their most fulfilling path; breathing new life into their activities; gaining a more profound sense of their true greatness. Problems and inner restrictions dissolve and liberate energy for the deliciousness of living with clarity, love and enthusiasm.

What do we do in a session?

Often we sit eyes closed to really feel into your truth. Creating a space to visit and untangle pain and limitations, I guide you to embrace and welcome home all parts of yourself. We take a deep dive, explore what’s truly alive in you and beautiful things unfold… I’m all about being the ears for your own true power, love and truth to be uncovered, expressed and experienced through the rawness of ‘what is’. The journey may go through liberating non-accepted aspects of your life and welcoming them as power-giving friends and allies, to discovering the meaning of your emotions, to directly experiencing your wholeness. We start and end the session with focus on creating more moments of your Heaven on Earth.

About Hanna Kuikka

As a creative, avid student of life and inner researcher I’ve been helping clients bring to life their inner beauty in the form of Blissness services since 10 years. With studies in various areas of coaching, healing, business and visual arts, I’ve enjoyed establishing a varied outlook on life. After intense personal transformation, 2018 was a year of everything coming together for me. I developed my process for creativity into a soon-to-be-published book titled the Art of Creating our Heaven on Earth. Together with this process that can be used for creating our dreams and manifesting our deepest desires, I developed a process for integrating all aspects of ourselves into an overall experience of wholeness. Starting from the first sessions I’ve given since, clients have experienced inner opening to their Heaven on Earth by gaining direct access to their inherent truth, power and love.

What if you have lots of "stuff"?

Please do bring all of it with you to the session. Your fears and doubts and disappointments and not good enough’s and things you feel are wrong or bad or not right are important messengers and contain gold for you. The more you are ready to openly bring up, the more gold you’ve got waiting.

RDV on zoom or at Nowlicious Studio in Brussels

“My experience with Hanna has been profound. A feeling of courage and support to walk through what is blocking me from the very desire of authenticity that resides inside me. Through her unique approach, she empowered me to release the emotional blocks. Her energy soothed me to courageously feel the freedom of not being bound by those blocks and to reclaim the power of expressing what resonates with my soul.”

“It was life-changing to have this space to understand myself. I’ve had sessions before where people could feel me but it’s different to actually feel me myself. It was a real growth step instead of just being there passively and the other person doing the whole work. Here I got to be really active which is very empowering. I got to correlate different things that I already knew in a mental way, and really integrate them into myself. It allowed me to access key issues on a deeper emotional level and solve them at the source.” – Juliana

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