Nowlicious is a store. Nowlicious is a philosophy. Nowlicious is a way of life.

The Nowlicious way of life is one that honors our true dreams by seeking to empower the dreamer to live them. Leveraging the power of our focus through appreciation. Practicing to notice the beauty in all that exists already, which makes us discover that our dreams are already truer than we think. Through a clear and simple path, guiding us to love our lives into alignment, and our dreams into full life.

In practice: a sequence of actions and attitudes that empower us to create our dreams.


to the Art of Creating Our Heaven on Earth



Focus on a state of awe as the end result

Groundwork. Always start here: what would you truly love to experience? What is currently less-than-awesome for you, and how would you like it to be instead? What do you most yearn for? Imagine it happening. Imagine getting it. How do you feel? Can you feel the awe? By imagining ourselves in after-awe we can immediately take ourselves to an inner state of power, sweetness and connection... the groundwork for awe-inspiring creation of that what we want.



Study the beauty that already exists

Step 1. Appreciation is to notice, to take count, to let something permeate our consciousness in such a way that we get in touch with a beautiful, powerful, constructive energy. So do not only look at what you can see, but seek to notice the greatness that is there when you look deeper. Building with existing treasures, even if sometimes hidden from the critical eye, is most efficient... and just plain clever.



Tap into ideas and infinite possibilities

Step 2. When something inside of us is moved by what we have come to appreciate, it gets a flow going within us to make creation a step more concrete. Our will to participate in creation is heightened to a level where we are able to touch the field of infinite possibilities from where golden ideas originate. Inspiration is our fuel for creating true greatness.



Take the one step that is yours to take right now

Step 3. Whatever our inspiration has brought to us as ideas, now is the time to realise and materialise them… immediate, inspiration-driven action brings our desires to full life with ease and joy. Word of caution: action is the last step, not the first. Taking action without inspiration, appreciation and direction wastes your precious effort!


Hanna Kuikka

Hi! As a creative, avid student of life and inner researcher, I'm touched by people's dreams... People say the eyes are mirrors of the soul, but I think dreams are too. When someone tells me about something they really love, I feel like I am conversing with their heart and the essence of their universe. Our dreams show us the way of our deepest, truest selves. And that's up my street! But often it's hard to get to live our dreams. By definition, a dream is considered out of reality. I've been studying this and love to explore what I call the Art of Creating our Heaven on Earth, translating it into words, images and everyday products. "What is really going on here?" is my favourite question, and by asking it enough I discovered the essence and logical sequence of actions and attitudes that empower us to create more of that what we love. I put it into a simple system and am curious to know how it works for you and your dreams.
Stay in touch on instagram to let me know. Much love, Hanna

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