in-person intensive

attend or organise in your city to get your soul work going

 Choose what you pay! 

A breather from daily life to focus your energies and beam your blissness into being

in heartfelt connection with beautiful people who get you and have your back

October 2022
October 2022
November 2022
Your city?
Choose what you pay. More details to follow. Limited space available.
Email me at to express your interest!
Trusting your heart can be scary, BUT YOU CAN DO IT.
 Your inner feeling and passion is right.  You’ve got everything in you for it to work, you just need the right kind of support and guidance.
How can I gain clients and make money with what I want to do? What am I supposed to do exactly?
Am I even qualified to do this?
This program is for you if you don’t know:
– what to do or how
– how to gain clients
– how to heal the doubts
– how to get support
– how to make your true soul come alive
Order and thoroughly read the Big Blissness book so that we can make the most of our time together
> gain the knowledge you need for blissness creation
The first group call online to start our Blissness Creation journey together
> forming your pricelessly valuable support group
2-4 calls in pairs at your time of choosing to do powerful clarity-building exercises
> get in touch with your true self as your essential guidance
 Powerful 2-4 day gathering dedicated to helping you get your blissness going

> get in touch with your true self as your essential guidance

We can continue as you choose for example in the form of a monthly or bi-weekly group call or 1-on-1 work
> support for effective implementation
Connect with your stellar support group in person and get boosted
  • get past other people’s doubts and opinions about your project
  • connect with your true self
  • know what you should be doing and how
  • become a channel for bringing your gifts to the world
  • liberate yourself from the two major psychological roadblocks
  • create your blissness from a place of solidness and flow
  • set up your communications so you’ll never have to do any marketing
  • put into action a solid, concrete product and service offer that truly looks and feels like you, without sacrificing your integrity with your true self
Want to attend
in your local area?
Email me at to express your interest.
These local intensives are the in-person alternative for the 3-month online group program. For more details valid for both blissness creation programs:
Want to organise?

As the organiser you can get your workshop for free and/or  gain income  from the attendance revenue. (If you love organising and promoting events, this can even become a side biz!)

For more information read below:
How does cost and revenue sharing work?

I work on a choose what you pay-basis. As the organiser you can email me with a proposal, and I’ll get back to you to confirm or discuss further. You are free to suggest how much the attendees would pay and what your percentage of the revenue would be as long as my travel costs are covered and a reasonable contribution is offered for my time and the support I give.

Min/max group size?

There is no minimum or maximum number for the group size, as long as the budget is covered (see above).

Venue requirements?

You decide! On a rooftop terrace, at the beach, in a rented facility or at your house… whatever works for you works for me. Good seating, access to a toilet and a comfortable temperature is everything we really need. I’m based in Brussels, Belgium, but happy to travel anywhere in the world.

What is the ideal length?
Optimal lenth would be 2-5 days, for example Friday to Sunday. 2 days is possible if in central Europe close to Brussels, to keep it worthwhile for my travel.
Can we combine this with complimentary activities?
Absolutely! Yoga, nutrition, health coaching, etc. could be great matches. If you provide services that might be complimentary to Blissness Creation and want to make it a joint event, I’m more than happy to hear what you would propose!
Who will do the marketing?
I’m happy to advertise to my audience, but mostly it would be for the organiser to invite their networks and take care of local advertising.
What is the role of the organiser?
Ideally, you would ideate the venue (for smaller groups a private house might do) and propose dates. When we will have agreed upon the dates then you would invite your networks (I can provide texts for communicating about the event), decide about food and beverage arrangements (catering, pot luck, participants bringing their own food, local snack place…) arrange seating for the participants, collect payments, and communicate with the participants regarding our first live call. During the in-person event you would be available to help participants with any practical needs they may have. If you provide complimentary services and wish to host a session during the event we can schedule that in. And any other inspired ideas and suggestions are very welcome so that we can make it a beautiful co-created event!