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Meet Irina, shamanic healer. Here is a snapshot of her journey since our summer 2020 blissness creation program.

Irina, in the beginning of the summer you were in the need to figure out some new ways for your practice.

Yes, I wanted to start promoting my individual healing sessions but I was realising I had some blocks with this. Although for many years I’ve been doing shamanic journeys and group healing meditations, I felt a blockage for the individual sessions. Also the different meditations and shamanic journeys I was hosting were not linked between them and it was hard having to always promote each of them individually on facebook, meet-up and by sending emails… it was time-consuming and I needed something that works better.

To power it up, we started with some in-depth soul connecting. What were some of your discoveries?

Thanks to our discussions it crystalised in me that my theme in everything is related to the journey of discovering one’s true self and accessing higher energies. I love to guide people to become more conscious and act from their heart, connected to their true essence instead of competition, struggle and have-to’s. Many carry mental blockages that block them off of energy and motivation, and need space to be accepted with their real needs. I love to teach that love and flow of energy is always available and how to be autonomous in accessing it. To discover the heaven inside and get the energy and courage to follow their truth.

With all of that beauty coming through you we then looked at how to put all of what you do into an aligned practical form.

You suggested to link all my meditations and individual sessions into a program to avoid having to continually promote different offerings. I really liked the idea and built it up to also include theory and practices. So actually it got transformed into a course in which I work with all aspects of what I do. I’m really excited and happy to bring this to people.

How was the experience of writing your program?

I always had this blockage that I can not write well. It took me a lot of time to prepare events because of it. But when I was writing this program, I received an inspiration from my higher soul. I didn’t know I could have this channeling so clear. Before it could happen to me to have messages like this when I was walking in the nature, but this was new for me.

My intention was to write the description of the program including 12 different meditations. I knew it would take a lot of connecting to myself to know for each meditation what I wanted to transmit and what are the effects for the person who will attend. So I did a short prayer to connect to myself and to be helped to be truthful with what I want to write. To write from my truth and to transmit the good vibes so that when people read, they connect to this energy field of what I’m writing. I was full of energy and my heart expanded and I felt that I was very connected.

What made your heart expand?

The possibility that I could share my knowledge and my experiences. The idea is to guide and show people a different world. This has to be put into writing because how can people know about it if they can’t read about it somewhere? And for them to read and understand it needs to be written in a certain state. Helping them to see things in a different way or connecting to higher realms and their higher selves as well. It’s a journey within myself that I can show to others as well and share these experiences.

What also helped is that I will do the program with a friend who will do a few of the meditations with her healing and consciousness practices for the mental body. Since I decided to do it with her I realised I’m more motivated to do all the preparation work. Even if the initial idea and most of the work belongs to me, we do spreading the word together which feels motivating.


We set up a clear step-by-step structure for Irina’s services that help the people she serves to co-create transformation with her as a process – the way we naturally transform and create. I call this a co-creation path (find out more in the Big Blissness book).

Authentic expression strategy

Facebook, meet-up, mailing list of people who already attended my events. I also encourage friends to bring friends.

Soul sample

Since the confinement I’ve been doing once per week online meditations in romanian. Now I hosted an inauguration gathering for the program. And on November 8th I will host an online meditation specifically leading to the program.

Core offer

3-months Inner Journey program with 12 meditations and one individual session for energetic cleansing and healing.

In-depth offer

Extra individual healing sessions.

Did any fears come along?

The fears that have come are related to whether people will be interested and if they want to join. I feared that even if I have my program I would have to continue with the old way of publishing events separately as well, but as people started to register I decided not to. The fear went away and I gained trust in that this is something very nice and people will come. The work will also be deeper in a steady support group that interacts and where people know each other well. I’m looking forward to not losing time in publishing each individual event and use that time instead to prepare and go deeper for each session.

What has been most helpful for you during these past months?

It really helped to be regularly in contact with you and with the group. It helped me to go ahead and not to procrastinate too much. I also had five weeks of holidays in between developing the new ideas and materialising and preparing everything so it was very important that you were always there following up with me. Of course the techniques were very useful too and each time I was doubting or postponing I was connecting to your question “what would be amazing?” and it really helped to make it happen.

Which heart-expanding moments have you had? Key realisations?

Especially during one of our calls I really had a good expansion experience. With your questions I connected to what my higher self wants to bring to the world. I realised I have a lot of knowledge and experience and can do much more than what I was doing and was planning to do. So through our conversation this very big sense of purpose came through me. This helped me not to be stuck in my fears of ‘maybe people don’t want to come’ or ‘maybe nobody is interested’ or ‘what will other people say’ and this kind of stuff. Instead, I could see the big picture of why I’m doing what I’m doing and what I can do even more. Realising that I can gather all my teachings and practices and share them with other people, and that for sure there are people who are there ready to receive them… that was a big thing for me.

During the last call the energy was very strong as well. You led the exercise about letting the universe to make things happen and bring us into connection with people, and although I know that this is how it works I was forgetting about this key point. I connected very powerfully and actually after and even during our conversation two people told me that they will come to the inauguration of my program. So it worked instantly.

What would you say to the heart-centered entrepreneur community?

I really matched with the people in the program and with my support buddy, and when we had the calls it was great to see that we are together in this. We are people who have something important to bring into the world and it’s great to support each other to materialise it so that our work can really contribute to the world in a soul-driven way and allow us to shine. I think there are many people that have something to bring that would make the world a better place and they really need support and a bit of push, and to be part of a group where they get to feel that “I am here to bring something and have the courage to do this”. You are doing a great job with this, Hanna, thank you.


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