online group program

the support you need to start your transformational biz


If you want to set up (or renew) a professional activity of your own in something related to growth, healing and transformation that allows you to do what makes you happy, but don’t quite know how to make it happen, this is for you.


 Choose what you pay  – email me with a proposal on what you’d like to pay and why, and I’ll get back to you to confirm or discuss further.

Next starting date will be set when a minimum number of attendees has been reached to start a new group. Bring your friends!
Interested? Email me at and tell me why you would like to attend.
Trusting your heart can be scary, BUT YOU CAN DO IT.
 Your inner feeling and passion is right.  You’ve got everything in you for it to work, you just need the right kind of support and guidance.
4 live group calls per month
for teaching, breakout exercises, masterminds, group interaction
and Q&A sessions

A support buddy

Private WhatsApp group

Optional continuous support after the 3-month program

Optional private blissness creation session
(available on a first come-first served basis)

“Outstanding, really. This is already getting me on my path. Your findings on the psychological aspects are so eye-opening (never heard anyone talk about them like you do!), and the blissness structure is just brilliant.”
-Stephanie, Coach

Send me an email at today!

Then order and thoroughly read the Big Blissness book so that we can make the most of our time together.


Creativity and soul-connection

We work a lot together to connect you to your soul, your essence energy, and your true self – that delicious vibe of “being in the zone”. You will gain clarity on what you really want to do and what wants to be born through you to the world.
What you’ll be doing and how
We tap into the golden practical ideas that will make your blissness concrete. Starting from your heart and soul, we ideate your business structure so that you have a clear idea about what you will be doing and how.
How to gain clients
We develop the clarity and the courage for spreading your wings so you’ll never have to worry about marketing and attracting clients but can totally focus on doing your thing. Forget about having to spam people on social media. You’ll get to do it exactly as you like it.
Support for implementation
Perhaps you will need boost and accompaniment to take the steps that will get your soul into action. Feedback, Q&As, encouragement… we’ll be there for you.
The healing
All throughout the program, we zoom inwards to liberate roadblocks for putting yourself out there. You’ll learn what really is behind fear and how to liberate it. And we’ll lay the ground for making your soul-led money and abundance.
  • get past other people’s doubts and opinions about your project
  • connect with your true self
  • know what you should be doing and how
  • become a channel for bringing your gifts to the world
  • liberate yourself from the two major psychological roadblocks
  • create your blissness from a place of solidness and flow
  • set up your communications so you’ll never have to do any marketing
  • put into action a solid, concrete product and service offer that truly looks and feels like you, without sacrificing your integrity with your true self
“With you I gain access to my soul. It’s just all there available to me. And then you take me to putting it into practice.”
but we’ll do it, together.
Magic happens as you connect with like-minded people in a safe space where everyone is allowed to be authentic, work through emotions and stuck areas, give and receive, share, be supported!

We’re all in it together. No need to do it alone! 

Cringe at the thought of “marketing”?
The Blissness Creation process is
all about never having to do any.
You’ll get to do what you love in the most fluent, friction-free way that lets you stay connected to your essence without having to deal with awkward things such as selling and convincing people about what you can do for them.

Your biz will have a system, based on your  best innate creative flow,  that brings you clients and allows you to be in your miracle zone every day, doing what you love to do with people who love your services.

 You don’t need to be anything you are not.
This is about you becoming YOU.

 You don’t need to be anything you are not. This is about you becoming YOU.
“The journey is deep, meaningful, empowering. Walks you through the process from personal healing to starting a business with a soul, all the way to setting everything up.”
-Deborah, Creative Designer
“It’s amazing to be part of the group because everyone is so supportive. I feel I’m not alone in this anymore. The pair work has also been so helpful.”
-Juliana, Pranic Healer
“I thought it was going to be hard, but actually it’s been so exciting. I love my new blissness.”
-Florence, Somatic Expriencing Practitioner
Join us and bring your gifts out

Imagine having your own safe support group to rely on while creating your blissness and bringing your gifts out.

Our group calls 3x/week will be focused on masterminds and working through guided exercises in break-out rooms where everyone will get lots of personal support. And we’ll have max 15 participants so everyone will have the chance to get to know each other.

All of us helping you to make it happen.

& unleashed.
For whom is this?

This program is most suited for those (men & women) who are developing or wanting to create a heart-centered business around the topics of health & wellbeing, personal growth and transformation or some sort of life enhancement. We speak the language of the heart, and yet get very practical too. It’s suited for you if you don’t know yet what exactly you’d like to do and how. Or if you struggle with putting yourself out there, but for sure want to do it in an authentic, soulful way. And if you want to have your agenda full of clients without any awkward selling.

Who is the host?

I’m Hanna Kuikka, visual artist, life & blissness creation coach, author of the Creativity Model and the Big Blissness book, founder of Blissness Agency and Nowlicious.

I started my own freelance professional career by designing websites and making videos and photographs mainly for coaches and well-being related businesses. I quickly noticed that what I loved the most was helping a client find the core of what they were really about and what their unique thing was. I would get most excited about asking them deep, meaningful questions that helped reveal their most beautiful and powerful essence, and together we would bask in the incredible energy coming from their deepening connection to their signature soul superpowers.

Then one day, years later, something suddenly clicked in my head and I understood what I had been doing all along. I looked back and noticed that I had been very consistent in producing work that makes my clients say things like “Oh my goodness this website is like my soul coming alive”, or “This launch feels as exciting as my wedding day”, and I realised that I always go through four distinct steps to create that success and fulfilment. I wrote it into the Creativity Model for Life and Blissness and have been working with it since to create anything that is deeply desired.

It encompasses a process for creativity and life transformation, as well as a theory of human emotions, the Shame Liberation Process, the Levels of Love Consciousness model and the Blissness Strategy model.

The people I accompany with these often experience an opening of a connection to their soul essence energy and gain deep clarity on how to make their blissness take form in practice so that it truly fulfils them. This leads to them being able to do what they love and ‘become themselves’ in concrete action. The moments I love most are when I get to feel them connect with their full soul potential and see how to bring it down into concrete business. I’m honoured to accompany them in bringing their gifts to the world and do their part in co-creating an ever-more beautiful world for us all.

The process is taught via the new Big Blissness book and the community programs on Nowlicious.

How much support do I get?
We’ll have 4 live group calls each month. In the calls we brainstorm together and work in pairs through the exercises. Whenever you want my help regarding a question between the calls, you can send it via our private WhatsApp group. You’ll also have a dedicated support buddy to boost your advancement. So you’ll be truly accompanied.
How much does it cost?
Up to you! Choose what you pay – email me with a proposal on what you’d like to pay and why, and I’ll get back to you to confirm or discuss further.
What are the private sessions?
The private blissness creation sessions are 1,5-hour one-on-one coaching sessions with me aimed at helping you to get from wherever you currently are with your ideas and desires to setting up your business powered by your soul and your essence energy. I offer these sessions on a first come – first served, pay what you choose-basis.
Do you offer help for making my website?
In the program I’ll give you as much support as possible regarding how to set up your website. Should you need any further help with design and development, we’ve also got you covered! For details please see