Awesome to have you with us for
birthing your heart’s desires into the world.

Please indicate in which opening week live call(s) you would like to participate
(choose one, or more if you would like to repeat and go deep):

Friday 8th September
12:30pm-2pm CEST (Europe) / 6:30pm UTC+8 (Bali)
Monday 11th September
2pm-3:30pm CEST (Europe) / 8pm UTC+8 (Bali) / 8am EDT (New York)
Tuesday 12th September
8pm-9:30pm CEST (Europe) / 2pm EDT (New York)

In the opening call(s) we will:
– build powerful momentum around our visions and dreams
– learn the essentials on how the Blissness Creation process works
– get your creativity flowing toward what wants to be born through you to the world.

After joining one of the live coaching calls in the first week – where you can share your vision to bring into the world – you can decide to enrol for the full program & gain access to the Nowlicious platform.

If you decide not to participate in the Blissness Creation program right now, we would still like to welcome you on the Nowlicious platform so you can participate in building a collection of 10.000 visions for a heart-based world.

Plus, while waiting please download the Big Blissness introduction chapter here and give it a read before the opening call! It gives an essential window into the power of heart-based creativity and the beautiful process you are about to embark on.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can send an email to hanna@nowlicious.com or Telegram message @barthoorweg

We are excitedly looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Hanna Kuikka & Bart Hoorweg