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do more of what makes you come alive

You know you have amazing gifts to offer. You know you have a beautiful dream waiting for you. You want it to come alive.
We are here to do the journey with you, empowering your dream to take the most fulfilling form so that you can concentrate in doing what you love doing. We are here to create your online presence & visual identity, get you in touch with the right people, resolve any blocks on the way, and help you connect with your most powerful essence and resources that let you unleash your soul into action.

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Hanna Kuikka

Blissness Coach, Brand Designer,

Grace Grace

PR & Life Expansion Coach

Karma Spies

Brand & Marketing Designer,
Project Manager

One-stop-shop to get your dream going

First things first: you are the gem! Forget about any ‘should’s’. We do marketing the authentic way, and will always empower you to shine your own truth, power and love. People will love you for who you are, what your message is, and what you contribute by being the fullest expression of You. We'll journey with you through it all: from coaching to vision to design to implementing your new biz.

"With the team's help my business looks as beautiful as it truly is. People surprise me regularly by offering me opportunities that were inspired by them seeing my true value."
Jeanine Crombé, EFT for Life

"My sessions with Hanna guides me on a journey to have clarity and deep connection to what I love in my business and its strengths. Hanna has been an amazing channel to guide me to manifest the greatness in my passion."
Juliana Cruz, Pranic Healer

"We were inspired to work with Hanna and the team after seeing some of her work. Her combination of colours, light and textures really attracted me. There is a warmth and depth to what Hanna does and we are so pleased with the response from our students and others."
Caroline and Kris, The Jewel Within Yoga

"We keep getting new students who say they found us online and came to us because our website is so beautiful."
Kristen MacPherson, Radiant Light Yoga

“What I love about the work you do is that it’s not only professional but also inspires a sense of poetry, of beauty, of magic, of lightness. It’s like you manage to capture effortlessly the essence of things, the beauty that is there but that not everybody sees.”
Francesca Puccio, Standing Renovation

Any blocks on the way?

Any doubts? Any time/money/other resources missing? Not sure what to do or how to do it?
Bring all your current concerns to a free coaching call and we'll start sorting it out with you.


Freedom & full life

Blissness is to live. To taste life. To be full with a sense of living that has meaning. To go by your day and have no doubt whether you are doing the right thing or being the right way. To go full out, while staying fully in. Connected. Alive. Hearing and feeling and...

10 website do’s and don’ts

Along the years of designing and building websites, we've seen these 10 points be key for success: Don't 1) Don't use a fixed (Wordpress or other) theme. Some use fixed themes for short-term convenience reasons, but as your business grows, you may have to...

Inner power pack

Blissness is like having a power pack inside that comes along for anything you do. Blissness is making the right moves at the right time because your trust is so strong that you only do that what feels right. Blissness is having a sense of non-urgency - rather an...

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