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Let’s build the premier member platform for Life & Biz Creation

The Nowlicious member platform welcomes big-hearted coaches, personal development practitioners, entrepreneurs, business coaches, creatives, yogis, dancers, nutritionists & foodies as mentors for the platform.

We are gathering a core group of contributors who wish to enlarge their business model and give members a holistic experience with their unique gifts.

You can contribute to one or more of the four distinct member tracks:

Life Creation group
Blissness Creation group
Inner Goddess Group for woman- & motherhood
Embody – yoga, dance, movement, nutrition



You will be featured on our publicly viewable hosts & contributors list with a link to your contributor profile page where you can showcase your work and offer a freebie people can sign up for.


The vision of Nowlicious is to provide members with holistic support for growth, health and happiness. In addition, we want to empower talented personal development, business & wellbeing professionals to grow their business by contributing to the membership platform with their unique skills.

Contribution possibilities vary depending on the track, ranging from providing tips and tricks in the daily interaction to submitting content-rich video and written material that gets distributed to members.

The more value you contribute, the more visibility and contacts among the members you gain that can become new prospects and clients for your business.


You are welcome to include a freebie on your contributor profile and offer members the possibility to sign up to your email list to receive it. Everyone benefits – members get great content and you get leads for your business.


Inspire people with your story. Published in the Blissness group and publicly to all Nowlicious website visitors on the blog, instagram and/or facebook.


In addition to the training available to all members, contributors have access to an invitation-only monthly live webinar to enhance their life&biz creation coaching and mentorship skills. If your service offer is to help others create a better life for themselves in any way, you will benefit from this as an added skillset.

 Our goal for the future is to deepen this into a Life Creation mentor certification training to which contributors have priority access.


Becoming a contributor does not require extra cost, and can become a source of recurring income for the contributor in the form of shared revenue.

As a contributor you will receive a 30% share of all monthly membership revenue (incl. 21% VAT) coming from the people you bring in. You will receive a unique link to share with your audience that automatically adds every new member using your link onto your list. As long as you are a contributor, your revenue will keep rolling in monthly.

As an example, bringing in 50 life creation and 50 blissness creation members gives you 810€ per month, totalling 9720€ per year. To imagine more largely, double/triple/quadruple the amount of people, double/triple/quadruple your income.


Everything above, plus:


As a co-host you get to participate in hosting one of the three Nowlicious member programs. Depending on your preference and on the program you co-host, you may choose to either lead sessions on regular intervals with the content that members need ac hoc, or build your own program where you take members from point A to point B along a pre-planned path. 

Delivering your service via the Nowlicious platform gives you access to a larger audience and a ready-made platform where all you have to do is show up and do what you love. You remain in charge of your content, as long as it meets good quality requirements, provides good value to members, and is congruent with the Nowlicious philosophy of empowering members to embody creative flow for fulfilling Life & Biz Creation.

We help you plan your content or program, provide you with the technical tools for posting your content on the membership platform and supply you with promotional artwork for making your program a fruitful part of your business.


Depending on your preference and on the program you co-host, your content may be ongoing or limited in length.

For instance, a dance teacher could choose to make a new 10-minute inspirational teaching&exercise video available every two weeks for members during six months, each video viewable during two weeks. The 6-month program could be reintroduced the year after.

A vegan chef could lead a one-month vegan challenge, publishing two recipes and two inspirational tip videos a week. After the challenge, the content could stay in the recipe archive for members to browse, making it possible for the chef to keep advertising the program as ever-green. 

Or a business communications coach could support members of the Blissness program live once per week, giving tips and advice for questions related to communications.

We will make an agreement with each co-host separately according to their preference and suitability for the track. 


Your program may include (or consist solely of) live sessions. They may include planned content, live Q&As, answering questions submitted by members beforehand, group coaching, group therapy, live dance/yoga/etc. sessions, interviews… whatever you are dreaming of doing.


Becoming a co-host does not require extra cost, and can become a source of recurring income.

As a co-host you will receive 50% of all monthly membership revenue (incl. 21% VAT) coming from the people you bring in as members. You will receive artwork specific to your program that you can use to advertise the program to your audience, as well as a unique link to share with your audience that automatically adds every new member using your link onto your list. For the total duration of the members’ affiliation as member, your revenue will keep rolling in monthly.

As an example, bringing in 100 life creation members and 50 blissness creation members gives you 1725€ per month, totalling 20,700€ per year.



High value input entails frequency and quality.

Contributors commit to interacting with members on a regular basis on the member platform (minimum once a week, with no upper limit), bearing in mind that the more you contribute the more visibility, connections and new business you are likely to gain.

Co-hosts commit to delivering content according to an agreed schedule.

As a guideline for quality we hold two major things in supreme importance.

Firstly, the nature of the platform is to be a place of safe support that encourages each member to empower their own knowing and abilities. Thus, contributors commit to retaining from giving advice with a “I know more than you do” frame of mind. Rather, each piece of information is presented as an invitation for members to explore whether what you suggest might work for them. Instead of focusing on shining our own abilities on members, we cultivate active listening and the ability to hold space for members to grow and learn with us.

So rather than only advising:

  • Asking questions that help members get to their own answers
  • Presenting possibilities
  • Inspiring and uplifting members with your own empowering experience

Secondly, we encourage contributors to share content that they have directly experienced to have true value. To counter the effects of living in a society where collectively adopted ideas on how we should think and do things reign, we want to celebrate and promote wisdom that stems from experience. Content is shared from a place of “I’ve found this to work for me, perhaps it can help you too” mindset, keeping in mind that what works for one person may not work for another. We focus on using the wisdom we have gained through experience to empower the community.

Overall, we value open communication, quick reaction time, trustworthiness, enthusiastic attitude and proactiveness for making things happen with ease.

We review all applications carefully to ensure providing members with great, motivated mentors who have lots to give. 


Across the platform we want to promote a sense of ‘us all being in this together’. We are about helping each other live the most fulfilling lives, whatever that may mean for each of us. So the contributor role can be seen as being a big sister or brother for members in our own area of expertise, with focus on building a true sense of community. Among contributors we want to see collaboration from a place of knowing that each of us are here to bring in our own valuable input and there are plenty of place for each to do so.


To keep the platform accessible to everyone we have chosen to not add extra cost for being a contributor or co-host. This is possible if we do not need to spend big amounts on marketing costs. Instead, want to encourage contributors to spread the word to their respective audiences. You will be provided promotional artwork and a unique link to share with your email list and social media following, enabling you to gain income for every new member who joins through your link. All contributors spreading the word to their audiences creates multiplied outreach. The more people each of us brings into the platform, the more we all get to share in the growing audience, exposure and opportunities!


Are you ready to contribute to a larger audience, super motivated to live your dream in a bigger way and build your recurring monthly business? Let’s get in touch and see what magic to create together.

You do not need to have all answers ready, just write us with a couple of words and we’ll speak more in person!

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Information on this page is subject to change.
Detailed agreements are made with selected contributors and co-hosts individually.