How the lockdown became a book

These past weeks were tough for some of us. I don’t know about you, but I struggled. For me it was like a ripping off of a huge layer of un-truth. Wherever I turned, I found in myself forms of thinking, feeling, acting and believing that were not me. What was not mine in me was brought up so that I would see it and transform it to something closer to what is true to me. We know how painful that can be, and it was.

We had planned the opening of the Nowlicious Academy of Life Arts for end of May and I was in full preparation, filming awesome material for the different tracks with amazing hosts and contributors, and we were full on to soon be open and running the monthly membership platform for life & blissness creation.

And then, bam. Everyone stay at home, cancel flights, cancel plans without knowing when we can resume.

It brought up so much in me. Facing uncertainty, unexpected “can’t dos”, the need for urgency solutions, and most of all the shock of some outer forces seeming to disconnect me from my life and what I’m here to do.  I really lived it within, that despair. It went so deep that it spinned my insides around, big time.

And finally it made me act… it forced me.

I went through so much that I had to make an inner commitment to come back to practising the steps of my Creativity Model… and finally everything opened up, as it always does. The self-connection questions in the model helped me remember again more powerfully who I am and what matters to me, and that clarity urged me to write a book. It literally flew out of me and onto pages, the writing of which felt like bliss.

So in the few short remaining weeks of the lockdown the book got written and became “BIG BLISSNESS – Transformational entrepreneur’s handbook for creating a soul-rocking, heart-driven, blissful business or practice.”

I mostly wrote it in the nature, which helped me connect to my own true nature. And that’s what the book is all about. The process I use to accompany myself and my clients to plug into our truth, our essence, our gifts, and bring them out, putting into action the drive and the love we feel for something that makes us truly happy.


The book is based on the Creativity Model and I wrote it for anyone who really wants to do something meaningful that allows them to follow their hearts and put into action something that truly makes them tick. Often it’s some sort of a service related to life enhancement, growth or transformation.

It’s a result of the years I’ve accompanied heart-centred people building their businesses – or rather, blissnesses.

And we need that accompanying, in the form of a structure and inspiration we can read in a book, and in the form of human connection.

I’ve done my own self-creation journey for the most part alone, and I know it’s hard. I’ve got help for going through blocks, but my creativity has sprung from me. Just like during the lockdown, I’ve often had to stand up for it, I’ve had to protect it, I’ve had to believe in it even in moments when there hasn’t been much outer evidence to back up my belief. In many occasions it’s been a lonely journey, listening to myself and supporting myself to find my answers, and never give in. Never give up. No matter what.

And then there are the days when everything flows, like the day when the book started to come out of me. For me it always comes as a result of going through the questions that bring me to my heart. To my soul. To the part of me that feels and connects.


 That’s what I love doing with people too. I love when they open up, encouraged to dare talk about what truly matters, what touches them… my listening ear is always ready to receive their innermost, truest truths – the moments when their true being comes alive through what they say. And oh boy are they magnificent! A person talking from their aliveness is beautiful, majestic. I have the privilege to witness that happen in people… the moments of connection, alignment, self-expression from the depths of them, from the place where their true essence gets to meet the world. It’s exhilarating. And then, to put that into action, into a business, as a way to channel that essence energy to the world.

What keeps me going in difficult times is that those exquisite journeys I’ve got to witness have convinced me of our magnificence, really. Sometimes it’s laying dormant and hard to see, but the truth is that we are beautiful. We all have a core of pure grace and power to share and channel to the world. We are here for a reason. We matter. And we’ve got gifts that the world is waiting for us to share in a more open way. That’s the calling we feel in our hearts. The world yearning for us to go deep, and then rise. Show ourselves with what we’ve got. To ourselves first, and then to the world. It’s scary… and delicious. A process that is worth all safety, nurture, and encouragement possible, because it needs it. It needs nurture. Our innermost essence needs someone to hold space for it to take outer expression. It needs questions to be asked, and it needs listening. Un-intervening, interested, encouraging listening. Often it’s like detective work of asking questions that help us see deeper and gently yet powerfully reveal our truths. Getting past the mind to the heart, past all hurts to the pure essence, past the society and the influence of others to the real core of us… that’s where our answers lie. I’ve never worked with a person who wouldn’t be able to go there when accompanied with love and real interest. The heart always knows what we really want to do and where we really want to go. The answers are always available when digged deeper.

Often we need help with that though, and that’s why, now that the book is in the publishing process, I decided to start a 4-week pilot group to go through the process together. And the first part of the book and the pilot group program is about asking the questions that reveal our core and our truth. In my workshops I’ve seen the power that everyone of us has to encourage self-connection in another human being through the simple act of asking a question and listening with care. We’ll be doing a lot of that in the program. Everyone gets the chance to be accompanied in their inner exploration, so that their essence can be felt and clarity of their direction can emerge.

And then we’ll put it into practice. The Blissness Strategy we go through in depth in the 3rd chapter of the book and the 3rd week of the program is a framework that offers us a structure on which each of us can build a business that works for US. It is the bigger picture of how to structure our product and service offer and our communications so that we get a running business in the most easy-flowing and enjoyable way, plugging in everything we love to do and nothing else.

If you are interested and feeling the calling of your heart for stepping up and doing what truly matters to YOU, building your Blissness Strategy will take you to knowing what you will be doing and how. What products and services you’ll offer and how to make it happen. How to avoid doing ‘marketing’ but make use of what you truly love to do to bring people in, naturally. Often we dread that part – how to ‘get clients’. But we don’t have to do it the awkward salesy way. We’ll simply make use of things you love to do and make them work for bringing you clients. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to do everything you love to do (writing, painting, taking photos, gardening, socialising, throwing parties… whatever!) and use it to make your business work? All of your passions and your interests are there for a reason, and they are meant to serve you. Not to be left as when-there-is-time weekend activities while your working days are filled with duties. No, what you love to do needs to be center-stage! It is your divine guidance, and it has a purpose for tickling your heart and your soul. It’s saying “heeeyyyy… this is the way…!!”. You just need to know how to make them work for you.

Those are the things that we’ll then put into action as your soul-powered blissness. And yeah, heal the doubts on the way.

And most importantly, we’ll do it together. As a safe, supportive, truth-nurturing group where everyone is accompanied to uncover their true gifts and figure out how to bring them out.

So looking back, I appreciate that the lockdown and everything that happened during it was really a blessing. Through its depth it brought me to an ever deeper connection to myself and to my path. I’m so happy that the Creativity Model for Life and Blissness got written expression as a book, and I’m excited to start the group journey. If you’ve been on a deep journey too, and want to journey together for your blissness, you’ll find details here. And no matter what the past weeks brought to you, I’d love to hear and get connected. Leave me a comment here or by email at

Much love,




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