In the teepee

Spring days calling for lockdown activities, we got out Nina’s teepee and went for an adventure. Bugs and spiders aside she loved it, and I did too.

In her I see life. Possibility. Windows of opportunity. Everything is open for her, and she is carving her path. I try my very best to be part of it, while letting her do her thing.

For picknick we packed only what Nina wanted. Her taste suits mine! Organic fruit, home-made popcorn and local apple juice. Watermelon is her all-time favorite, so the winter having passed she finally got her treat again.

The books are truly vintage from my childhood. Reading them to my girl brings up many emotions, as the images are carved in my memory. I studied every detail of my favorite pages so carefully with my little eyes back then, I now realise. The books that sparked up my imagination with colours and stories imagined by someone who dared to dream.

Now it’s Nina dreaming those dreams. Cinderella’s dresses, Mickey Mouse’s explorations, Snow White’s rosy red lips – princesses and adventures are her favorites. Perhaps the stories do to her what they do to me – mirror to us qualities and capabilities of ourselves that are truer than we adults often think. My deepest wish for her is to stay true to herself with all of those qualities and with everything she truly is.


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