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New moon

A deep dive within to embody your essence energy

We work to clarify or deepen a vision of where you are headed and what wants to be born through you to the world – overall and in this cycle. Connecting to your unique essence, your true beauty, your dreams and what you truly want, tapping into your higher truth. This helps you avoid the single most dangerous hurdle us heart-centered people face: derailing due to doubt and confusion resulting from focusing on the outer world.

Sunday Nov 15h at 8pm-9:30pm CET

Tuesday Nov 17h at 12:30pm-2pm CET

Wednesday Nov 18th at 8pm-9:30pm CET


Increasing moon

Daily fuel for loving our lives into alignment
Here you will build an ever-deepening connection to yourself and to your creativity, liberating fears and blocks and releasing the past. We also work on opening ourselves up to our soul-led money and abundance as entrepreneurs and getting through money-related insecurities. Through the practice of appreciation you will supercharge your creativity and connect to elevated levels of consciousness necessary for the creation of a true blissness.

Friday Nov 20th 12:30-2pm CET

Monday Nov 23th 11am-12:30pm CET


Leading up to full moon

Forming your blissness strategy
Following soul-sourced inspiration, here we tap into infinite possibilities and golden ideas. With the help of the digital workbook we put concrete ideas into coherent form and develop your business structure in practice. If you are starting, you will be taken by the hand to develop ideas for what exactly you’ll be doing and how. If you already have a blissness strategy in place, you will be held space to detail it and develop it further. You will know exactly what your (next) unique path of action is in order to experience self-realisation doing what you love.

Tuesday Dec 1st 8pm-9:30pm CET

Friday Dec 4th 12:30-2pm CET


Decreasing moon

Rollout & sustain growth with soul power
Continuing from the new ideas, we put things into actionable form. Connected to our hearts and souls, we work on the elements that make our businesses happen in the concrete: our websites, our communications, our soul samples that lead people to the fullness of our offers. Knowing exactly what to do and how, we are supported to go for it, exactly as we like it. Getting our souls into new action and harvesting the rewards.

Tuesday Dec 8th 3pm-4:30pm CET

Friday Dec 11th 12:30-2pm CET


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