Morning Miracles Mug


Barcelona. First time.

The adventure of being in a place where every street is new.

Every building, every streetlight, every tree receiving a totally virgin gaze of my amazed eyes.

Late afternoon turning into a warm evening… I’m just wondering around, astonished about the pace and energy of the place.

Here I am, arrived just in time for a quick visit to meet some potential producers. So excited that it’s hard to sleep.

And in the morning, hard to keep up with the opportunity. The doors feel wide open. Something great is about to happen… and needs to happen. I must make the most of it.

A few hours ahead of me before the afternoon meetings and I start to feel the pressure of not knowing on what doors to knock. So many great stores, artists, artisans in this city. I want to find them. I want to work with them. I don’t want to lose the occasion – who knows when I’ll be back here.

One slight problem: no clue whatsoever about where to go.

Quick breakfast at the pool. Quick look at the beach. No time to lose. Taking the train.

Trying to ask Google to show me where to go but it doesn’t do a great job translating my thoughts into Spanish. It looks like there is a little bit of something everywhere but nothing outstanding anywhere in particular.

A bunch of people getting off the train. Maybe we are in the city by now. I will get off on the next stop.

Well, maybe this wasn’t the best stop. No shops in sight. No people in sight. Nothing interesting here. None of the streets I’m wandering seem to lead anywhere. Discomfort. Urgency. Internal drama. What kind of a tourist map doesn’t indicate where the boutique streets are??

Then, in the midst of my starting desperation, I remember.

I am not here to stress over making something happen by force. I am here for my big dream. My calling. What if I decided to honour it with some greater emotional altitude?

So I make a stop. I feel the warmth and the sun. I start imagining… going back in the train in the evening, in awe of a wonderful day.

As if it was already happening, sitting in the evening train later, feeling the awe of amazing things to have happened today.


Leaning against an old crackled wall, I dip deep into this imagined experience of a sweet, powerful after-awe. I let it pamper my every cell with a growing sense of excitement.

Starting to walk again, it is as if something has changed. I suddenly notice how beautiful the decorated balconies of these old buildings are.  Intricate details start popping at my eyes, not just in one place, but everywhere.

Reaching the next crossroad, I come onto an even more beautiful street lined with greenery. My curiosity is growing. It leads me onto another bigger street. 

And then, like out of nowhere, the entrance of a big shopping mall!

And people. And more people.

And then, the beginning of what I will later learn to be one of the biggest pedestrian shopping streets of the city, and in the middle… a line of white covered stands.

Although I know how powerfully this practice works, I almost can’t believe it – I have come to a makers’ market.

And straight ahead in front of me, a stand with pottery and artwork made in clay, so pretty and delicate.

Among the mugs and plates stand the prettiest turquoise tea cup that I have ever seen… I am nothing short of amazed.

Greeting the lady keeping the stand, I feel so grateful, almost teary. Like… coming home. She tells me her name is Purification – what an awesome name! – and that she is an artist making the pottery by hand.

An instantaneous knowing that her little turquoise cup is going to be a very special part of Nowlicious fills me with joy.

As I marvel at the little pearls of things she has made, I know yet nothing about all that is to come. I know yet nothing about the whole day becoming one big celebration of meeting amazing people and being offered such wonderful opportunities that the feeling of awe I am going to end up with in the evening train is, for real, going to be simply heavenly.

I know yet nothing about even the taxi drive to the evening train becoming part of the experience… my joy spilling over to the driver who will be eagerly receiving the inspiration hot off the press to get him started with his long-term hidden dream too.

Talking with Puri at her stand I know yet nothing about all what is about to come today, but I feel the pure power of it all condensed into this moment of magic. This moment to which awe and appreciation have lead me and in which I have the idea of the Morning Miracles Mug… a tool, a companion… together with Puri we set about to create a practice buddy for bringing to life small and big miracles, every day.

Notice how beautifully the steps of conscious creativity worked that day?

Groundwork: imagining the after-awe.
Step 1: appreciation, as when starting to take in the beauty of the city streets.
Step 2: inspiration, as when letting my curiosity guide me onto the right path.
Step 3: action, as when taking the opportunity to talk with Puri and finally getting into the doing to produce our mug.

Read below how to use the mug to super-magnify your creative powers.

How to use the mug

As a practice to super-magnify your creative powers, start your day with drinking a deliciously nourishing cup of warm water with lemon or herbal tea or whatever your body likes best from this mug.

Take a moment to connect with something meaningful that your heart desires to bring more of into your experience – a wish, a dream, something you want. Then imagine yourself in awe of having gotten it…. imagine the after-awe of a really satisfying experience. Then enjoy the drink, affirming that the liquid contains everything you need to know and do in order to journey from this moment to the awe of having received your wish.

Continue the day with practices that help you harness the power of the other steps, like a quick check-in with the Integral Development Map for a growing sense of appreciation from which inspiration and action can spring you into new adventures.

Enjoy and let us know how you go!



1 tsb raw honey
cinnamon, to taste
1 tsp raw apple cider vinegar
a few fresh mint leaves

These nature’s pure jewels have incredible health benefits. Mint is uplifting and known for promoting good respiratory and digestive health (increasing our capacity to take in the life force energy of the air we breathe and the food we eat!). Raw honey, apple cidre vinegar and cinnamon are all known for their antioxidant powers, boosting our immune system to keep us healthy. Apple cidre vinegar is also alcalising, helping to keep our pH levels at optimum balance.
In addition to being a wonderful daily health promoter, this drink can be used as a cold-remedy and consumed to soothen pollen allergies.
Choose raw, unpasturised, organic incredients, and protect them from too much heat to keep all their incredible health benefits intact.
Place the mint leaves in your cup, sprinkle some cinnamon on top and pour over boiling water. Let cool for a few minutes and when cool enough to be sipped, mix in the raw honey and vinegar. Your drink is ready for the Morning Miracles practice (see above)!