Inspiration necklace gold

55,00 45,00

Handmade in Barcelona, Spain
Gold plated silver necklace with glazed ceramic pendant

PRESALES – order until 28 February – shipped end March

Wear this necklace to remember to act out of inspiration. White is the colour of inspiration and ideas, like a pure canvas on which that what we want can manifest. Anytime you catch yourself doing something with forced effort, let this necklace remind you to harness the multiplied power of inspiration instead.


Made by Purifi Creativa

Purificación Rodríguez is a visual artist, ceramist, specialised in decorative and artistic projects signed 'Purifi Creativa'. She focuses on distinctive design and quality in her design and decoration objects, decorated swimming pools, set design, sculpture and art restoration; as well as hosts creative workshops. Mixed techniques and materials give Purificación’s unique decorative and functional pieces an original, organic feel.


Handmade in Barcelona, Spain

Necklace length 45cm
Pendant ∅ 1cm

Necklace sterling 925 silver, gold plated
Pendant glazed stoneware

Please note that handmade items are unique and may include slight variations in shape or colour

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