Organic Cotton Tapestry ‘Life-reassuring’

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Handmade in Europe
80 x 140cm
‘It is life-reassuring to be oneself’

PRESALES – order until 28 February – shipped end March

It is easy to be focused on outside opinions and requirements, but real, long-lasting safety rather comes from showing up authentic to ourselves and to others. There is much freedom, reassurance and power in quitting the fight against ourselves and surrendering to that what we truly are.


Words by Peter Moreno

Peter is a creative visionary who dares to put words to those emotions that deeply move us in life. His poems are rooted in sincere spirituality that is only reached in moments of profound personal transformation. Every poem reflects a point of inflexion in Peter’s life and therefore the kind of energy that these poems share is both authentic and grounded. Alongside his personal journey, Peter offers his creativity in multinational companies helping them to design and deliver agile transformations. He aims to influence the wellbeing of many families by generating greater places to work.


Handmade in Europe

Height 80cm
Width 140cm

100% organic cotton (GOTS-certified)
Printed with eco-friendly inks

Hand wash, iron low on reverse

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