Organic Cotton Tapestry ‘True Moments’

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Handmade in Europe
70 x 45cm
‘Show me your true moments’
Botany artwork: authentic early 1900’s vintage illustration

PRESALES – order until 28 February – shipped end March

Being true is being alive. Hang this organic cotton tapestry in your home or work place to remind you to stay authentic to yourself and to your feelings, desires, needs and pleasures. Let it stand as a statement of encouragement to all of those who dwell in the space to dare show up as their true selves.


Wordsmith: Twilling

Twilling is a word and feeling sculptor. He works his magic on paper, at events, in writing, and through imagery and songs. He gets a kick out of the playful, simple and the seemingly contradictory, and hopes that some of that comes across. That it brings a smile, unfolds a feeling or lowers a barrier. An encounter with him is an encounter with a land of thought mixed with a sea of senses.


Handmade in Europe

Height 70cm
Width 45cm

100% organic cotton
Printed with eco-friendly inks

Hand wash, iron low on reverse

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