Organic Cotton Tapestry ‘Yes’

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Handmade in Europe
80 x 140cm


PRESALES – order until 28 February – shipped end March

Have you seen the movie Yes Man starring Jim Carrey? He ‘says no to life, therefore he is not living’, until discovering the power of Yes. Practice saying yes to what ever it is that you want – say yes to amazing things coming your way!

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Created by Hanna Kuikka

Hanna Kuikka, founder of Nowlicious, is a creative, an avid student of life and an inner researcher. She loves to explore what she calls the Art of Creating our Heaven on Earth, and translate it into words, images and everyday products. Her all-time favourites design and photo/videography have lately found a new companion from forró dancing. A light-lover at heart, she is moved when discovering the essence and true beauty of people and things - and claims that it can be found behind-the-scenes even in the deepest of conflicts. "What is really going on here?" is her favourite question.


Handmade in Europe

Height 80cm
Width 140cm

100% organic cotton (GOTS-certified)
Printed with eco-friendly inks

Hand wash, iron low on reverse

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