Spring nature working

I love working in the nature. Spreading a sheet on the ground on a medow, among the grass and the flowers. In the shade of a spring apple tree.

Only a handful of equipment with me, just enough to work for a day. A small table light enough to carry, my camera, laptop and a battery pack, food to have picknick whenever an appetite calls.

The ultimate freedom of working on what I love in a place that feels like a piece of paradise.


The nature welcoming me in its dance inspires me to work from my truth, from my core. Perhaps I’m writing, perhaps doing design work. Or working with someone on setting up their business. Whatever it is that I do, the nature helps me do it from a deeper place within me.

The word Blissness takes on its full meaning here for me.

Sometimes I just sit and take in the beauty. Listening to the sound of the grass and the tress. Admiring the birds that sing their songs ever so enthusiastically. They inspire me to sing mine, too. Sometimes I focus for a long while, sometimes I get up and greet the life around me, sharing in the energy.

These are among my most productive days. Like full immersions in creativity. 


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