How to embody creative flow for a delicious Now

Through our deepest desires, we feel Life within us seeking to be known and experienced - all its light, all its power - the incredible beauty of Life dwells well within our reach. Yet... making life as we like it is a counterintuitive process for our minds, as we can not create fulfilment from a place of only wanting change. True creation comes from allowing the beauty of everything that is alive to shine its light in our consciousness even brighter than it has until now. It is an inside process that translates into outer circumstances, events and tangible goods that in turn feed us with a double experience of greatness. A positive loop that nourishes our soul.

Our practice is to give ourselves direction. To evolve from judgement to acceptance, then to appreciation, and from there to inspiration and finally, to creation. To be fully here all the while knowing to what direction our energy from here will be taking us next, as there is nothing in the future the seed of which wouldn’t already exist now. It is not a question of how hard we try. It is even not a question of whether we feel able to or deserving of realising our dreams. The truth is on a whole different level altogheter. In appreciation lies our deepest creative power. So with love, from here onwards... on the stellar journey of creating an ever-deepening experience of wholeness, joy and awe - our Heaven on Earth.

"I've really wanted to understand how I can get the things that I really want - there are so many sources of info about it that we get lost! Here I got clarification... now my puzzle is put together." -Maria


Organic Cotton Tapestry

↙ It doesn't really matter how many glimpses of light you had, what matters is if you are open to the ones to come, the ones that happen right here, just now

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"Hanna is really offering us a new way of living. We are so used to doing things that get us stuck… she is giving us a new operating system for life." -Peter

Hi! I'm deeply in favour of dreams. So much so that I've dedicated my everything to finding out how to bring them alive in daily life. Because I believe life is meant to be lived. Fully! Good news is that it can be done, and here's how.


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"Still on a cloud inside. Thank u" -Sarah the day after last workshop session


Creative living: Zero waste with Hugo Mega

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